Anre's Nap Deep

trout area minnow / reverse shape
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Anre's Nap Deep. Renewed the wood model released in 2002 as an insect lure for the first time in 15 years. Unique lateral body shape and low center of gravity fixed weight, offset lip is the trumpeter lure that demonstrates the best performance with slow retrieve. Usage is steady retrieve from slow to medium slow. A form imitating a weak baitfish by drifting in the stream as drifting appeals to low activity trout. It is also possible to make it a reaction byte by making it long stay & action in front of the localizing trout

Artificiali da trout area game con ami senza ardiglione e profilo rigirato, per mettere in evidenza l'occhio alle trote che attaccano dal basso verso l'alto. Questo minnow dal movimento vivace e regolare, è efficace anche nella pesca stream fishing e light game su trote autoctone e cavedani. Lunghezza 4.5 CM 2.7 GR ed assetto floating.






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