Imakatsu GillRoid Boots Tail 3D Realism

Swimbait Imakatsu, a real bluegill imitation!
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Imakatsu GillRoid Boots Tail 3D Realism. Swimbait giapponese snodata, compatta e dal realismo impressionante. Viene fornita con due code morbide:

  • Flat Tail, consente all'esca ampi movimenti e sbandate a S
  • Boot Tail, consente all'esca un movimento lineare e naturale producendo ampi vortici

In base all'assetto / cosa montata, può essere usata con recuperi lineari, Jerkate "Stop and Go" Consigliata per black bass e luccio.


"This Imaktatus bait was developed by technology gotten through ANDROID and AYUROID. We make Blue Gill bait in super real which pattern must be one of fishing strategy now. This bait is compact in about 5.5inch long, but thick wide body which enable high cast-ability even in against wind, and its real shape attracts bass. Boots tail which newly adopted to this Gill Type bait works well for slow-straight retrieve for searching wide range and perfectly for IS changeable high speed retrieve too. As to IS changeable speed retrieve, the bait swim in I-style action at super slow speed and change to sharp S-style motion at full acceleration. And during these I and S-style action, if you stop retrieving, the bait makes quick dart action which attract big bass. Enclosed flat tail enable very sharp turn action which works well for timbers and structures. Boots tail is good for retrieving wide range. Flat tail is good for pin pint fishing. Two kinds of tail which is completely different characteristic are included in GillRoid"


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