Lucky Craft Flat CB D-20

Deep Crank di Lucky Craft per bass fishing
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lucky craft cb d-20 deep crank per bass fisshing

Il crankbait Lucky Craft Flat CB D-20 ha questo codice per due ragioni fondamentali: scende fino a 20' (6 metri!) ed è assolutamente piatto! E' assolutamente più piccolo e più compatto rispetto alla media dei crank extra deep normalmente costruiti finora. Ha un rolling costante, impeccabile, talmente perfetto che è facilmente avvertibile dal tip della canna durante il recupero. Si lancia a distanza siderale e, cosa ancora più importante: scende immediatamente, facendo guadagnare metri di recupero "utile" rispetto alla strike zone. Come tutte le esche Lucky Craft, questo innovativo deep crank è Made in Japan

Lucky Craft Flat CB D-20. The FLAT CB is a series of crank baits featuring styling that's as functional as it is beautiful. This approach was born through exhaustive research in a technology called "Finesse cranking," which is used commonly in the Southeast, where cranking baits have demonstrated their effectiveness. The lightweight SR, for example, is designed not to alarm bass upon landing on the water. A unique system that shifts the balance point of a high-specific-gravity tungsten weight allows the user to get the maximum distance at each cast without losing control. The powerful rolling action achieved by a low center of gravity produces an excellent reflection effect that enable us to catch bass on all tries-from the very first cast, on the first day of field-testing, indeed, it is a miracle bait design. The MR, DR, and D-12 were also developed under the same design concept: The user can choose the most suitable type, depending on water depth. Yet the most notable feature of these baits is the optimized oscillation rate achieved by their slender body designs. Unlike the FAT CB, which can be guided freely in water without being caught in the deadfall or rocks, the FLAT CB is suitable for use in open water, where it can lure bass hiding in rocky crevices or structure, or to catch schooling fish one by one without alarming the rest. Try it, and see for yourself the effect that optimized oscilliation can have. (Flat CB-MR dives 4ft)

Les Flat CB sont les crankbaits de section plate développés par Lucky Craft en collaboration avec les meilleurs pros US. La section plate des Flat CB à la particularité de produire des flashes puissants qui attirent les prédateurs. Les Flat CB démontrent toute leur efficacité dans les situations où l’eau est claire et quand il faut prospecter des zones peu encombrées (« open water » cranking) à la recherche des poissons actifs. Equipés d’un système de transfert de masse, les Flat CB sont des crankbaits qui permettent d’atteindre des distances de lancer record. C’est un avantage non négligeable lorsque l’on a besoin de prospecter de vastes étendues d’eaux profondes avec des grands plongeurs tels que le D12 et le D20. Du bord comme en bateau, vous trouverez dans la série des Flat CB les champions du cranking en « open water ».

  • Length: 3" (75mm)
  • Weight: 3/4oz (23.5g)
  • Depth: 19 - 20ft
  • Type: FLOATING
  • Hook Size: VMC #1, #2


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