Lucky Craft Micro Cra-Pea

micro crankbait da trout area game
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Lucky Craft  Micro Cra-Pea un mini crankbait da trout area game ideale per presentazioni ultra naturali, dove le dimensioni extra small e vibrazioni soft possono fare la differenza. Si lancia nonostante il suo peso ridotto in modo eccellente, mantenendo un movimento guizzante in ogni contesto. Occhi e finiture 3d. Made in Japan.

Peso 1.9 gr Lunghezza 2.5 cm Floating 

Expressing individuality firmly while inheriting genes of crappy. Since its inception, it has finally arrived at the end as a result of the twists and turns of a three-year legged footwork. Two models of SR, which are responsible for SR and defense range up to 1.5 m in depth, are the water surface and the area immediately below it (the maximum submarine range is about 15 cm) as the defense range. The reason for taking time to develop so far is the part that differs from normal cradle. There is no reason to exist if there is no change in how to catch just because it is only small, or if it becomes rather far from the traditional craby, it is not qualified to name microcluby. While inheriting the genes of the cravi, I stuck to what I could express the individuality of microcracking firmly.

Ultra-compact Kra Pee series that responds to fierce competition tournament scenes and intensified pressure. As with the original size, it is equipped with an advanced action response that ensures systematization by range, and ensures action in slow retrieve. Exceptional fishery at popular pool type management fishing spot. It is particularly strong in the field where artificial pressure increases.

Wenn Minibeutefische oder große Insekten auf dem Speiseplan von Forelle, Barsch, Döbel und Co. stehen, schlägt die Stunde des Lucky Craft Micro Cra-Pea. Leichtes Twitchen oder Stop‘ n Go haben sich als Führungsstile bewährt. In der Ruhephase steigt dieser Wobbler langsam auf. Hier erfolgen die meiste Bisse! Um möglichst schonend zu fischen, ist der Micro Cra-Pea mit einem Einzelhaken ausgestattet.


  Shallow Runner (SR) Medium Runner (MR) Deep runner (DR)
25mm 25mm 25mm
1.9g 1.9g 1.9g
profondità di nuoto  0.1~0.3m 0.6~0.8m 1.2~1.4m

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