Westin Hypoteez

soft minnow with paddle tail
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Westin Hypoteez shad con coda paddle per la pesca di luccio, sandra, siluro, spigola e qualsiasi tipo di predatore. Estremamente dettagliato, questo minnow in gomma si può innescare sia con amo da swimbait che con normale jighead. 6 pezzi per confezione

Hypnotize them with Hypo Teez. Named after the Latin name of the Smelt (Hypomesus Olidus), this lovingly-hand painted little critter looks so like a real smelt its mother couldn’t tell them apart. Cast it out and it starts swim- ming as soon as it hits the water. And as it wiggles past those monster perch 

and hungry zander, fixes them with its realistic fishy eyes and outstanding swimming action, they’re going to be helpless to resist. 

• Optimized flexibility • Realistic Eyes • Life-Like-Lure • Tapered body with tail-joint • Belly foil on selected colors • Easy action paddle tail• Hand painted detailed colors


Crazy Firetiger

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