Canne Casting 1 pc Casting Rods

Canne Spinning 1 pc Casting Rods

Le migliori canne da casting monopezzo per black bass, luccio, sandra, aspio, persico reale. In stock su www.bassstoreitaly.com il meglio del catalogo Daiwa, Shimano, St.Croix (Avid, Legend Tournament, St. Croix Mojo Bass, Triumph, Legend Xtreme Legend Elite, Premier Musky), G.Loomis (G. Loomis E6X, IMX, GLX, NRX, nelle varianti DSR, JWR, SWR, SJR, FPR, SBR, CBR, Muskie). In stock tutto il catalogo di canne Falcon ( Falcon Hd, Falcon Bucoo SR, Cara ST), una vasta scelta di canne Major Craft, Quantum, Molix Skirmjan, Megabass, Jackall Bros, Tailwalk, Palms, AIRrus Rods (Wrestle, Ultra-X, Acciaio, X-Entity, Stargate)

On www.bassstoreitaly.com you will find all the best bait casting rods in the world, period. We have an incredible selection of 1 section casting rods from every country for fishermen of every country in the world (zander, perch, pike, bass fishing, musky, cat fishing). G. Loomis, St. Croix, Tailwalk, Savage Gear, Megabass, Majocraft, AIRrus, Falcon, Molix, Abu Garcia, Jackall Bros, Berkley, Fenwick, Shimano, Daiwa. We ship worldwide.

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Abu Garcia Venerate Casting Rods

canne da casting Abu Garcia entry level

Abu Garcia Victis casting rods

canne da casting Abu Garcia
€85,99 €74,99

Airrus Micropuls X Casting rods

€259,99 €129,99

Airrus Nano Fusion Casting 1 pc

Airrus rod with Megaphone Handle
€309,99 €129,90

Airrus Pro Series Blank Grezzi

Grezzo per rod building.

Airrus Stargate casting rods

exclusive megaphone handle

Airrus Stargate Vertical Interceptor Casting Rods

designed for the best vertical fishing experience

Airrus Tournament Series Blank Grezzi

Blanks for custom rods.

Airrus Ultra Casting Rods

MAGMA Polyacrylonitrile technology -10% rod weight

Airrus Ultra Vertical Interceptor Casting Rods

casting rods designed for vertical fishing

Airrus Ultra X casting rods

modelli fine serie
€169,99 €115,99

Airrus Ultra X Fuji FaZlite casting rods

modelli fine serie
€179,99 €139,99

Airrus Wrestle Fuji Slim Sic casting rods

heavy duty rod equipped with the new Fuji Slim Sic guides

Airrus Wrestle Seaguide

modelli fine serie
€279,99 €209,99

Daiwa Black Label casting rods

hi-quality Daiwa lurefishing rods
€325,00 €249,00

Daiwa Black Label Cork Casting rods

Daiwa Casting rods
€269,99 €159,99

Deps Huge Custom Casting Rod

Deps fishing rods

Falcon Bucoo SR Casting rods

new Falcon rods with Cobra Cloth

Falcon Cara Casting Rods

Canne da casting Falcon Cara 2020

Falcon Cara T7 Reaction 2017 casting

Specific for wire and hardbaits: jerkbait.swimbait, crankbait
€279,99 €159,99

Falcon HD Casting rods

Performance and value in the same baitcasting rod

Falcon Lowrider Casting rods

Le celebri Lowrider diventano ancora più leggere e performanti

Fenwick Elite Tech Predator casting rods

Canna da luccio / musky by Fenwick
€239,99 €179,99

Fox Rage Prism X Jerk casting rods

Nuove canne da jerk Fox Rage
€99,00 €95,00

Fox Rage Terminator Big Bait Special casting rods

canna da casting Fox per big bait
€259,99 €189,99

Fox Rage Terminator Jerk casting rods

canne da jerk Fox Rage
€189,99 €159,99

Fox Rage Terminator Power Shad casting rods

canna da casting Fox per luccio e siluro
€259,99 €189,99

G.Loomis Conquest Mag Bass Casting Rods

baitcasting rods designed by Shimano and Loomis
€649,99 €549,99

G.Loomis E6X CBR Casting Rods

new Crankbait rod series by G-Loomis
€199,00 €179,99

G.Loomis E6X SWBR Casting rods

G.Loomis Swimbait rods.

G.Loomis Imx Pro JWR Casting Rods

New Loomis casting rods
€299,99 €259,99

G.Loomis Imx Pro MBR Casting Rods

G.Loomis casting rods
€299,99 €269,95

G.Loomis NRX Casting rods

NRX Jig & Worm casting rods are designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics.
€599,00 €399,99

G.Loomis NRX+ JWR Casting

Nuove G.Loomis NRX+

G.Loomis Swimbait Rod SWBR 955C

SWBR 955C for bass fishing and pike fishing.

Game Saltwater Vertical Fishing Casting rods

IM7 blanks - sic guides - anti tangle frames

G-Loomis Muskie casting rods

Canne da luccio Loomis

Gunki Iron-T Chooten casting rods

Gunki casting rods
€184,99 €139,99

Jackall Bros Poison Adrena Casting Rods

2019 model by Shimano + Jackall Bros

Loomis Imx Pro SWBR Casting Rods

canne da swimbait G.LOOMIS
€319,99 €295,99

Mikado Specialized Vertical Casting rod

Canna da casting monopezzo per la pesca in verticale

Molix Skirmjan R Predator Hunter casting

Canna da casting serie Skirmjan R monopezzo

Musky Innovations Bulldawg Brad Ruh Signature casting rods

Brad Ruh Hall of Fame Series

Musky Innovations Bulldawg Pro Series Casting

Professional pike fishing rods

Musky Innovations Bulldawg Rods Select Casting rods

Pike and musky rods.
€104,99 €105,99

Musky Innovations Predator Series Casting

Tutta la qualità Musky Innovations

Quantum Accurist HSX 54 casting rods

canne da casting per black bass
€99,99 €59,99

Rapala Rapalero casting rods

Rapala baitcasting classic rods

Savage Gear 1DFR Swimbait casting rods

Savage Gear swimbait rods for pike fishing and bassfishing

Savage Gear Black Savage Jerk Casting Rod 1pc

canna da jerk per pike fishing
€99,99 €79,99

Savage Gear Browser Casting Rods

le prime canne da casting per black bass Savage Gear
€114,99 €85,99

Savage Gear SG4 Jerk Specialist Trigger casting

Canne da casting Savage Gear da jerk
€114,99 €99,99

Savage Gear SG4 Swimbait Specialist Trigger casting

Canne da casting Savage Gear da swimbait,

Shimano Expride Casting Rods

Shimano baitcasting rods
€239,99 €224,99

Shimano Zodias casting rods

new Shimano Zodias baitcasting rods
€179,99 €165,99

ST. Croix Bass X Casting Rods


St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky Casting Rods

New legend tournament Musky rods
€449,00 €349,99

St. Croix Legend Xtreme Casting Rods

Legend Xtreme St. Croix, bass fishing rods
€449,99 €299,99

St. Croix Mojo Bass casting rods 1 pc

New casting rod series by St. Croix

St. Croix Mojo Musky Casting

Specialized musky series designed and built for superior performance..
€199,99 €175,99

St. Croix Mojo Musky Casting Rods

New St Croix Mojo Musky rods

St. Croix Premier Musky Casting

Pike and Musky rods by St. Croix

St. Croix Premier Musky Casting Rods 2 pcs

Pike and Musky rods by St. Croix

St. Croix Triumph Musky Rods

Pike and Musky rods by St. Croxi

St. Croix Victory casting

Nuove canne da casting ST.CROIX

Westin W4 Monsterstick-T casting rod

canna da casting per luccio
€259,99 €249,99