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Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad

soft swimbait per bass lucci e perca.
€7,99 €4,99

Berkley Powerbait Sandeels

imitazione di anguilla con paddle tail!
€8,99 €6,29

Black Cat Baby Cat Shad

shad da siluro / catfishing lure
€14,99 €9,99

Castaic Super Jerky J soft swimbait

round profile soft swim
€8,99 €5,99

Castaic Swimmin Cisco Swimbait

top performance pike fishing swimbait
€27,49 €19,99

Daiwa Prorex Classic Shad

by Daiwa predator for pike and zander fishing
€8,99 €4,40

Daiwa Prorex Mermaid Shad

shad for pike, zander, wels
€8,00 €5,49

Daiwa Tournament D' Swim

Soft swimbait by Daiwa
€8,09 €5,99

Dam Effzett Pike Seducer

Soft Swimbait per luccio di Dam
€10,49 €8,29

Dunwright Tackle Company Lifelike Pike 12

30 cm di pure realismo in acqua 30 Suspending.
€22,99 €14,99

Fox Rage Pro Jointed Replicant

la versione snodata del classico Replicant!
€12,99 €6,99

Illex Nitro Sprat Shad Combo

soft minnow with jointed head
€9,99 €6,99

Molix Jugulo Soft Shad

Shad per il tonno di Molix
€20,99 €10,99

Molix SS Shad Spare Body

Corpi di ricambio per SS Shad
€6,99 €3,99

Molix Vis Shad

shad forato con coda paddle
€9,49 €5,99

Reaction Strike Bass Harasser Shad Swimbait

Un classico per pike e bass. Grandi prestazioni.

Reaction Strike Poseidon swimbait

Shad boot tail with suspending effect!
€8,99 €4,99

Savage Gear 3D LB Herring Shad Ready To Fish

Shad completa di jighead e stinger hook per luccio siluro e big bass
€14,99 €9,99

Savage Gear 3D Line-Thru Pike

Pike fishing lures by Savage Gear.
€19,99 €12,90

Savage Gear 3D Rattle Trout

Swimbait con coda boot-tail e sistema con amo magnetico
€11,99 €5,49

Savage Gear Alien Eel V2

dawg style for pike fishing
€17,99 €11,99

Savage Gear Sandeel

esche che imitano anguille

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft

soft swimbait snodata
€10,49 €6,99

Storm Live Kickin' Minnow Rainbow Trout

like a real little trout
€7,99 €6,29

Vicious Depth Charge

lure bulldawg style with 3 tails!
€15,99 €9,99

Vicious Sucker Extreme grub pike lure

Dawg with a big tail on the top, for pike
€15,99 €9,99