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Gan Craft Bariki Shad

Gan Craft soft swimbait with paddle tail

Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178 Spare Tail Series

code di ricambio per jointed Claw

Gan Craft Jointed Claw Shape-S

soft swimbait with S-action

Gan Craft Jointed Claw Shape-S 2.5"

jointed soft swimbait - little size

Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail

Soft shad with paddle tail

Gary Yamamoto Hula Swimmer

skirted paddle tail
€9,99 €8,00

Gary Yamamoto Swim Senko

Fish it weightless, with a screw-in sinker or as a flipping rig.

Gary Yamamoto Zako

jointed soft shad. Salted.

Hart Gummy Makal Javallon

Soft swimbait

Hart Manolo & Co.

mini umbrella rig

Hunthouse Jelly Series Soft Minnow

soft swimbait snodata con amo a sgancio rapido

Hunthouse Jelly Series Soft Minnow Bodies

corpi di ricambio per soft swimbait snodata con amo a sgancio rapido

Hunthouse Jelly Series Soft Minnow Jighead

Teste piombate per Hunthouse Jelly Series Soft Minnow

Hunthouse Soft Minnow

soft shad snodata con testina per pesci predatori sw e fw

Illex Baby Dera Ball

compact soft swimbait with round body and paddle tail

Illex Dera Ball

compact swimbait with round body

Illex Dunkle

Illex Dunkle Swimbait
€19,99 €17,84

Illex Grinch

weedless Topwater Illex designed by Jackall Bros.

Illex Nitro Sprat Shad Combo

soft minnow with jointed head
€9,99 €6,29

Illex Nitro Sprat Slim Shad Combo

soft shad with jointed head
€9,99 €6,19

Imakatsu Gill Bone

skeleton concept softbait for bass fishing

Imakatsu Javagill

jointed soft swimbait

Imakatsu Javallon Neo

Imakatsu soft swimbait

Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer

pike and bass fishing soft swimbait

Jackall Bros Grinch

weedless Topwater JackaLL Bros

Keitech Easy Shiner

These versatile swim baits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions

Keitech Swing Impact

for freshwater and saltwater
€8,99 €8,39

Keitech Swing Impact Fat

Soft shad swimbait with paddle tail for sw and fw

Laboratorio Il Predatore Soft Swimbait

Soft swim with a V shape / Jointed body

Lake Fork Live Magic Shad

Swimbait in gomma snodata.

Lake Fork Live Swim'n Slug 4.5"

Eccellente per drop shot

Legio Aurea Brutus Soft Swimbait

Una soft swimbait dal movimento unico. Boomerang action!

Livetarget Adult Trout Swimbait

ultra realistic swimbaits
€15,99 €14,20

Livetarget Blueback Herring Swimbait

swimbaits with fantastic action

Livetarget Gizzard Shad Swimbait

repliche fedeli di vere scardole

Livetarget Goby Paddle Tail

Imitazione dello scazzone

Livetarget Golden Shiner swimbait

ultra realistic swimbaits

Livetarget Mullet Swimbait

swimbait da mare a forma di cefalo
€14,99 €13,99

Livetarget Parr Trout Swimbait

trout imitation swimbaits

Livetarget Pinfish Swimbait

esche in gomma da mare

Livetarget Sardine Swimbait

swimbait for saltwater

Livetarget Sunfish Crapet-Soleil

bass fishing lures

Livetarget Threadfin Shad Swimbait

swimbaits for bass and pike fishing

Livetarget Yellow Perch Swimbait

by Livetarget lures

Lucky Craft Opti Shad

soft swimbait

Matt Lures East Cost Series

Gomma morbidissima,nuoto adescante

Matt Lures Mat Shad

swimbait ultra dettagliata realizzate in gomma molto morbida
€11,99 €9,99

Megabait Charlie swimbait

Hybrid swim for bass and pike.

Megabass Spark Shad

Megabass swimbait
€18,99 €13,99

Mikado Fishunter Goliat

una soft swimbait unica nel suo genere.

Mikado Fishunter Shad

soft swim per trota, persico reale, sandra, spigola e...

Mikado Fishunter Shad 3D Color

soft shads with ultra realistic paint schemes and shrimp scent
€12,99 €10,99

Mikado Furyo

shad with paddle tail

Mikado Lure Flying Fishunter FF

soft swim per luccio, lucioperca, bass e...

Mikado Nihonto Ringed Lure

soft swimbait paddle tail

Mikado Saira

erratic action soft jerkbait with shrimp scent

Mikado Speedo

soft swimbait paddle tail

Molix Ra Shad

Molix Ra Shad: efficacia in acqua dolce e saltwater.
€8,99 €7,18

Molix RT Shad

t-tail lure
€9,99 €8,59

Molix Shad

swimbait for pike and bass
€12,99 €9,49

Molix SS Shad

Soft Swim di Molix with a special jighead included.
€8,99 €6,49

Molix SS Shad Spare Body

Corpi di ricambio per SS Shad
€6,99 €3,99

Molix Virago Shad Tail

Molix t-tail shad
€9,99 €8,10

Molix Vis Shad

shad forato con coda paddle
€9,59 €5,99

O.s.p. Dolive Shad

For Sw and FW

Ragot Raglou

original Ragot Raglou lures

Ragot Raglou Spid

anguilline Ragot Raglou già montate con testa piombata

Reaction Strike Bass Harasser Shad Swimbait

Un classico per pike e bass. Grandi prestazioni.
€12,99 €8,09

Reaction Strike Chunky Shad

Soft swimbait for saltwater and freshwater.
€8,29 €7,04

Reaction Strike Fathead

Vincente con lucci poco disposti a seguire le esche

Reaction Strike Poseidon swimbait

Shad boot tail with suspending effect!
€8,99 €4,99

Reaction Strike Thin Shad

Finesse swimbait by Reaction Strike lures.
€7,59 €6,99

Renosky Shad

Soft swim bait
€3,49 €1,59

Renosky Super Shad

Soft swim made in Usa.
€2,99 €1,39