TopWater lures

Sul negozio di pesca online www.bassstoreitaly.com trovi i migliori topwater per acqua dolce e per la pesca a spinning in mare: dai popper ai wtd, alle rane, alle imitazioni di topo! Qualche esempio? Livetarget Hollow Belly Bluegill, Deps Basirisky, Deps Buzzjet, Live Target Field Mouse, LegioAurea Catilina, Deps Slitherk, Molix Supernato Beetle, River2sea Whopper Plopper, River2sea Dumbell Popper, Seaspin Pro-Q, Heddon Zara Spook, Megabass Giant Dog-x.

All the best topwater lures in the world for saltwater and freshwater fishing are in stock on www.bassstoreitaly.com the largest online store for lurefishing in Europe!

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Arbogast Buzz Plug Buzzbaits

propeller lure
€10,99 €9,59

Arbogast Hula Popper

topwater popper leggendario

Arbogast Jitterbug

legendary topwater crawler

Bass Pro Shops XPS Floating Mouse

weedless topwater lure
€9,99 €8,59

Berkley Frenzy® Power Pop Frog

Popper con zampe in gomma

Bill Lewis StutterStep

New topwater category

Bomber Badonk-A-Donk

classic Bomber lures
€10,49 €8,99

Castaic Boyd Duckett BDP Popper

an incredible surface disturbance!

Castaic Boyd Duckett BDP Soft Popper

il primo popper vuoto e morbido

Castaic Boyd Duckett BDT120 wtd topwater

BDT120 Topwater turns bass’ attention towards the surface with a swaggering attraction!

Castaic Monsterbass Hollow Body Shad

Castaic weedless topwater lure

Daiwa Steez Popper

Popper da Bassfishing della nuova linea di hardbait Daiwa 2018.
€19,00 €13,49

Deps Brachiostick

WTD con elastometro da Deps.

Deps Buzzjet

Propeller bait buzzjet Bone
€26,49 €25,69

Deps Buzzjet Jr.

Propeller surface bait by Deps
€26,99 €25,49

Deps Calling Hustler

Spy baits slow sinking.
€37,99 €32,90

Deps NZ Crawler

big bait, topwater crawler

Deps Pulsecod


Deps Radscale


Duo Bay Ruf Manic Fish 99

Ibrido tra stick bait e lipless per fondali molto bassi

DUO Realis Pencil SW

walking the dog

Elitelure Manyu Popper

sound - action - air bubbles

Evergreen Kicker Frog JR.

New Evergreen Kicker Frog
€14,99 €13,99

Evergreen Showerblows Softshell

japanese frog

Fladen Mouse

weedless topwater bait

Gan Craft Joi Crawler 178

New Gan Craft topwater lure

Gan Craft Kaiten 178

extra large Spy Bait

Gan Craft Osa Wakebait

hybrid lure

Heddon Crazy Crawler

the classic topwater crawler

Heddon Swim'n Image

Heddon Wakebait
€12,99 €10,49

Heddon Torpedo

Propeller dalle piccole dimensioni
€10,99 €9,59

Heddon Zara Puppy

un walking the dog vecchissimo e leggendario
€11,99 €9,99

Heddon Zara Spook

Il più classico e leggendario topwater

Illex Chubby Popper

compact size popper
€19,99 €16,99

Illex Clyde Mud Sucker

walking the dog per la pesca in FW e SW
€22,99 €16,99

Illex Mega Pompadour

big topwater crawler

Illex Micro Pompadour

surface topwater crawler
€24,99 €22,99

Illex Pompadour

surface topwater crawler with metal wings

Illex Riser Bait 004

hybrid Jackall Bros lures

Illex Riser Bait 007 R

hybrid Jackall Bros lures

Illex Riser Bait 008

strong surface action for seabass, barracuda, black bass, bluefish
€23,99 €21,99

Illex Stream Ripper

Custom sinking pencil bait for sw and fw

Imakatsu Waddle Buggy

noise action

Jackall Bros Binksy

Popper propeller topwater lure Japanese surface bait

Jackall Bros Boil Trigger

Ibrido tra jointed minnow e plug .

Jackall Bros Bowstick

E' una pencil bait con walking the dog action.

Jackall Bros Micro Pompadour

surface topwater crawler

Jackall Bros Pompadour

surface topwater crawler

Livetarget Frog Walking Bait

Simula una rana con le zampe distese.
€15,99 €13,99

Livetarget Glass Minnow Baitball

Popper per bassfishing.
€19,99 €15,99

Livetarget Yearling BaitBall Walking Bait

wtd che imita un gruppo di pesci preda

Lucky Craft Bevy Pencil

Japanese mini-wtd for every kind of predator fish!

Lucky Craft Bevy Prop 55

light game propeller bait

Lucky Craft BullFish

surface crankbait with a propeller tail!

Lucky Craft G-Splash 65

Lucky Craft popper. Finesse topwater.

Lucky Craft G-Splash 80

Topwater lures

Lucky Craft Gunfish 117

popper e wtd in una unica esca!

Lucky Craft Gunfish 95

Topwater popper wtd da freshwater made in japan

Lucky Craft Kelly J topwater

Propeller per bass fishing

Lucky Craft Keroll

Innovativo topwater frog

Lucky Craft Keroll Max

Innovativo topwater crawler con STAR LIGHT

Lucky Craft Malas

esca ibrida

Lucky Craft S8 Popper

hi-performance tournament popper

Lucky Craft Sammy 100

the original Lucky Craft walking the dog

Lucky Craft Sammy 108 Prop

next generation propeller by Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Sammy 118

Lucky craft topwater lures

Lucky Craft Sammy 126

l'ultima evoluzione del migliore WTD mai prodotto

Lucky Craft Sammy 128

Walking the Dog Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Topwater walking the dog di piccole dimensioni

Lucky Craft Sammy 85

Walking the Dog di Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Sammy Bug 100

Lucky Craft topwater crawler bait

Lucky Craft Sammy Bug 75

Lucky Craft topwater crawler bait