E.R.C. Jig A Beast Swim Jig

Swimming jig per luccio
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ERC's Jig-A-Beast Swim Jig offers the ultimate in versatility. Ranging from traditional lift jigging to straight burning, the Jig-A-Beast is extremely effective using virtually any tactic. Outfitted with a heavy-duty weedguard, painted head and a durable swim shad trailer, the Jig-A-Beast sports a seductively flowing skirt that produces a plump profile and a tantalizing target few beasts can resist.

Jig-A-Best Swim Jig Fishing Tip: Cast a Jig-A-Beast out and count down to your desired depth with a controlled drop. Retrieve at your desired speed working in an occasional pause allowing the Jig-A-Beast to dive; this subtle action often triggers the strike. Also, consider occasional lifts of the rod tip throughout the retrieve thus varying the depth and speed. After a final pause near the boat, quickly bring the lure up while going into your wide figure 8.

Uno dei più performanti jig da luccio esistenti. Un jig per pike fishing già dotato di trailer shad di dimensioni adeguate. Vanta decine di catture di lucci e musky record. Amo indistruttibile, gonnellino foltissimo.





Rainbow Trout


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