Fox Rage Speedflow II Net Large Guadino

guadino con manico retrattile da luccio e grandi predatori.
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Fox Rage Speedflow II Net  Large, guadino da luccio e grandi predatori, rete in nylon rivestita in gomma con manico retrattile.

An update of the previous generation of Speed Flow nets, the Speed Flow IIs offer high quality construction in a range of sizes to suit your fishing. They also come in two types, the rigid, fixed rim nets and the foldable nets which offer a hinged rim which folds in on itself to aid transport and storage.

Foldable Nets
• Two sizes; medium (50 cm diameter) and large (75 cm diameter)
• Hinged, foldable net rim for easy transportation and storage
• Retractable handle for easy storage and transportation
• Rubber-coated, fish-safe mesh
• Flatten front lip for easy netting

This net is ideal for everything that has teeth! The Speedflow landing nets are large, spacious and incredibly solid. The tear-resistant and knotless mesh has a flat bottom and is coated with a special rubber layer that prevents snagging of your bait as well as being particularly safe for fish. The landing net handle can be fixed with a safety-clip and during transport it can be fitted and fixed into the net frame.

Mesh size: 12mm

  • Taglia Large
  • Misura 75cm W x 85cm L x 75cm Deep - handle length 100cm
  • Materiale Rete Gommata
  • Taglia X-Large
  • Misura 80 cm (Deep) - handle 120 cm
  • Materiale Rete Gommata
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