Imakatsu SG+ Bigroid

Swimbait Imakatsu with a soft pvc tail
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Imakatsu SG+ Bigroid swimbait. Swimbait Imakatsu Japan di ottime dimensioni per la pesca di black bass e luccio. Movimento ad S, fatto di serpentine veloci o lente a seconda del tipo di recupero. Ideale per smuovere i pesci per istinto di reazione e territorialità.

SG+アンドロイド210は、オリジナル180のコンセプトをそのままに、日本の平均的フィールで大型バスが反応する最も効果的「サイズ感」を徹底検証。180が持つ集魚力を限界までパワーアップし、同時にバスがビッグベイトを襲うことを躊躇しにくい絶妙のマックス シルエットにバージョンアップしました。

What we aim on this Imakatsu swimbait is exquisite size for big Bass. As our field research, we conclude that this is the max size that Bass attack without hesitation. SG+ Bigroid attracts big Bass by the real fishlike action with exquisite size. Produced by Imakatsu Pro Team to catch giant bass. To make it wider action, just take off very thin nylon line damper on its belly.

○ Adjustable "S" Swimming action
○ Elastomeric tail
○ "I" shock damper

Length: 8.4 inch (210 mm)
Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g)
Type: Slow Sinking
Item: NEW




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