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Keitech Crazy Flapper

Il CRAZY FLAPPER è una creatura per il bass fishing

Keitech Custom Leech

finesse bait by Keitech lures

Keitech Easy Shaker

finesse softbait

Keitech Easy Shiner

These versatile swim baits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions

Keitech Live Impact

The Live Impact can be fished Texas rigged, with a Split Shot

Keitech Mad Wag

The ribbed body design incorporates the New PGS

Keitech Model I jig

bass fishing jigs
€9,99 €8,90

Keitech Noisy Flapper Frog

Rana morbida per bass fishing

Keitech Salty Core Stick

Innovativo stickbait worm ripieno di sale

Keitech Salty Core Tube

tube jig doppia mescola.

Keitech Sexy Impact

Ottimo worm-jerk per approcci finesse. Estremamente versatile.

Keitech Swing Impact

for freshwater and saltwater
€8,99 €8,39

Keitech Swing Impact Fat

Soft shad swimbait with paddle tail for sw and fw

Keitech Tungsten Football Jig Model 2

football jig Keitech