Megabass Destroyer T.S. casting

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Canna Megabass Destroyer T.S. TS78X BACCARAT. Canna Megabass da swimbait ed altre tecniche gravose realizzata in grafite DNA-SLX sviluppata originariamente per combattere il tonno, ottenendo un bianco a coppia elevata che è l'incarnazione della pura potenza. Questa serie con innesto offset, monta anelli Fuji INOX SIC adatti a qualsiasi tipo di filo e portamulinello T-DPS FUJI. Questo blank può lanciare esche grandi fino a 200 g, combinato con la capacità di sollevamento per estrarre trofei di oltre 20 libbre dalle profondità. 
Megabass Destroyer T.S. BACCARAT casting rod.. Anglers in pursuit of the catch of a lifetime demand equipment that performs at the highest-level day in and day out, allowing anglers to maximize slim bite windows and scarce opportunities to land those record-class fish. Megabass gladly accepted this challenge, developing a rod built purely for the baits, techniques, control, and power to land the next world record.
For the TS78X, we started from scratch, discarding the design and production concepts behind past bass rods. For the material, we utilized the DNA-SLX graphite system developed for battling tuna, yielding a high-torque blank that is the embodiment of sheer power. This blank can fully cast 200g+ big baits, combined with the lifting-power to pull 20+ pound trophies from the depths.Featuring double-footed guides, each foot is carefully double-wrapped, improving durability, and protecting the blank from any possible damage the metal could exact under extra-heavy load.The TS78X has a special hood that locks the reel in place, securing another key component that will determine the outcome of the fight. The taper action is fast. Despite being such a powerful rod, it is equipped with a surprisingly sensitive tip, allowing for a wider-range of rod work to impart action to giant baits, like swimbaits, dawgs, stickbait and similar lure.Taking bank anglers and storage during transport into consideration, the TS-78X is built with a heavy-duty grip-joint (offset joint). This allows the rod to be taken apart for trips, without sacrificing any strength or durability. 



Imperial Metric
TS78X Baccarat
Total Length2.33 m
Sezioni2 (Offset)
Lure Weight Min112.00 gr
Lure Weight Max283.50 gr
Line W.20 - 40 lb
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Modello Total Length Sezioni Lure Weight Min Lure Weight Max Power Action Line W. Prezzo Qty Acquista Wishlist
TS78X Baccarat 2.33 m 2 (Offset) 112.00 gr 283.50 gr - MF 20 - 40 lb
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