Nories Ambitious

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Nories Ambitious. Canna Nories Ambitious da trout area. Trout program Ambitious In the area tournament scene, the trout program “Ambitious” plays an active part in the time zone where each one is squeezed. It has a delicate tip that can be operated in centimeter increments, and the operability of micro spoons less than 1 g is outstanding. It features a sharp operability that allows quick sharp wakes to work and a rod vent that works well to hold the fish you've hung. In addition, the micro guide system achieves both long-throw performance and high sensitivity, and the entire rod setting has a balanced feel without weight. In addition to the tournament scene, it also supports high levels of trout capture that has become less active due to daytime and sudden changes in water temperature. LOGO `` Ambitious '' to keep the heart attacking any tough time GUIDE Titanium frame SIC guide set with the latest KR concept. Pursuing the best balance of flight distance, sharp operability, sensitivity and power. REEL SEAT EVA with grip slits on bluewood spacers and aluminum ring with reel foot scratch resistant resin inner. GRIP The rear side has a Norries aluminum plate and the end has a trout program aluminum emblem. PIN THREAD AB61UL is pink, AB61L is blue, and AB61ML is green. The color of the pin thread is changed for each item, and you can determine which item at a glance. AB61UL plays an active role in situations where the trout reaction becomes severe due to various factors such as water temperature changes and human pressure. The tip that enables sharp and sharp wicking has a hold performance that makes the best use of the wings. Like AB61L, it is the main tone, but it also has a bite tone, and it is an item for extremely fishing for bite. AB61L is a model that thoroughly pursues “range operability” in centimeters, mainly using a microspoon around 1g. Sharp tip with moderate hardness realizes the delicate tip operability required by anglers. The rod weight that does not interfere with its operability is also an exquisite balance. It is a reliable tool for tournament scenes that can handle a high level of short bite that cannot be caught unless it is tough. 61ML has a strong bat blank with a sharp operability that makes use of the delicate tips and instantaneous wakese characteristic of the series. A combination of micro-spoon, which tends to have a lot of line slack, and a combination of ML with less bending supports the initial biting of every bite, and the “offensive micro” is established. ML for micro, not for heavy lures or strong lines. In combination with the 1 pound line, it demonstrates potential in different dimensions



Imperial Metric
Total Length1.85 m
Lure Weight Min0.3 gr
Lure Weight Max3 gr
Line W.1 - 3
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Modello Total Length Sezioni Lure Weight Min Lure Weight Max Power Action Line W. Prezzo Qty Acquista Wishlist
AB61L 1.85 m 2 0.3 gr 3 gr L F 1 - 3
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