P-Line Spin-X Braid 8 Carrier

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P-Line Spin-X Braid 8 Carrier, filo trecciato multicolore 8 capi. P-Line Spin-X Braid è caratterizzato dal cambio di colore che passa ad ogni metro da Blu hi-vis a Arancio hi-vis, colori che lo rendono estremamente visibile, rendendo così facile poter rilevare ogni minimo movimento. Realizzato con 8 fili, Spin-X Braid è costruito senza rivestimenti o trattamenti termici per questo motivo lo SPIN-X Braid offre una sensazione incredibilmente liscia ed elastica che fornisce lanci straordinariamente lunghi. Questa treccia da spinning è consigliata per la pesca in mare e per la pesca a traina.

The ultimate braid for your favorite spinning setup, the P-Line SPIN-X Braid fills spinning reel spools with a boatload of smart features any finesse enthusiast is sure to appreciate. Right out of the box, anglers will undoubtedly notice the dual hi-vis color pattern that greatly aids in the visibility of your mainline in most light conditions. In cloudy conditions, the bright blue segments easily stand out while sunny skies highlight the vibrant orange portions more effectively. The end result is anglers having the ability to visually detect ultra-light bites in nearly any weather conditions thanks to the dual colors that alternate every meter.


In addition to the exceptional visual appeal aspect, the P-Line SPIN-X Braid also features high-performance properties that will surely enrich the angler’s experience on the water. Constructed with no coatings or heat treatment, the SPIN-X Braid delivers an incredibly smooth and supple feel that provides impressively long casts. Not only does this soft construct increase your casting distance, but it also disgorges off the spool faster for a quicker and more efficient descent. Ultra-soft, incredibly visible, and unbeatably sensitive, the P-Line SPIN-X Braid is carefully crafted to maximize the performance of every spinning outfit.


-8 Carrier construction

-Hi visibility, dual-color braid

-Colors alternate every meter

-Extra soft



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