Shimano Baitrunner ST FB spinning

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Mulinello Shimano Baitrunner ST FB. Il mulinello Shimano Baitrunner, nella doppia misura  BTRST2500FB e  BTRST4000FB è un mulinello Shimano economico ma molto affidabile, ineccepibile per performance secondo tutti i pareri e recensioni dei pescatori. Un mulinello Shimano con baitrunner perfetto per i laghetti commerciali e per i pescatori specialist. Disponibile nelle stesse taglie della serie DL, ma con un minor numero di cuscinetti a sfera, il nuovo BTR ST-FB è l’entry level tra i piccoli Baitrunner. Bobinamento Varispeed , antiritorno in finito Super Stopper II ,corpo e rotore in XT-7, sono tra le caratteristiche avanzate incluse nella costruzione della serie ST. Il formato 2500 è ideale per la pesca a feeder feeder accompagnando canne leggere in piccole acque. Mentre la dimensione 4000 offre più versatilità e potenza sia feeder che per altre tecniche rendendolo adatto ad accompagnare attrezzi a cui è richiesto uno sforzo maggiore.


The Shimano Baitrunner ST FB reel fits in with all Shimano strives for with its excellent features. The majority of this reel is made up of its strong and robust hybrid aluminium body. The strength of this reel exceeds all the manufacturer’s expectations and will provide you with a premium performance when combined with your rod, so you can throw the perfect cast and bank as many bites as possible. Not only that, but aluminium is lightweight which means the reel will be easy for you to transport to and from the bank without any issues so you can make the most of your fishing experience. The reel is also superbly corrosion resistant which is absolutely perfect for sea fishing, which this rod has been specially designed for. The aluminium properties provide the reel with long-lasting protection from the harsh seawater that can often erode other weaker and less resistant reels. With the ST FB reel, you’ll be prepared for anything. This general-purpose front drag fishing reel features a double handle for exceptional balance under high payloads so, no matter how aggressive or forceful the carp or pike you pull in maybe, this reel will be able to handle it easily so there’s no chance of you missing out on banking any fish. It is also an ideal reel for commercial fisheries, yet it also popular amongst anglers who prefer the method feeder technique and can be used when carp fishing or to unprecedented effect stalking, and it is ideal when you’re fishing off the boat. The versatility of this Baitrunner reel is simply incredible; it is perfect for any angler who likes to experiment with a variety of different fishing styles. The features on this reel are outstanding and it has a specifications list that is more commonly seen on a reel twice its price, making it great value for money and a perfect high quality entry reel for the novice angler. One of these brilliant features is the AR-C spool which makes this reel ideal for mid to long-distance carp fishing thanks to its uniquely angled spool lip which reduces the diameter of the line coil supplied to the rod guide when casting. This results in more energy being transmitted to the cast, so you don’t have to throw so hard. This is combined with Varispeed oscillation which ensures the line can leave the speed with minimal friction and provides maximum distance with minimal effort, producing a perfect line lay each time. The whole reel sits on an XT-7 carbon frame, Shimano’s tried and trusted carbon composite that guarantees that the reels are hard-wearing, tough and lightweight – a necessity when sea fishing. Its overall smooth gearing and excellent performance makes it an asset to any angler that wants to mix up their current set up.



Imperial Metric
Ball Bearing1
Max Drag6 kg
Peso355 gr
Capienza Bobina0.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130/0.40-100 (mono mm-m)
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Modello Taglia Velocità Ball Bearing Max Drag Peso Capienza Bobina Prezzo Qty Acquista WISHLIST
BTRST4000FB 4000 4.8:1 1 6 kg 355 gr 0.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130/0.40-100 (mono mm-m)
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