Storm Live Kickin' Shad

soft swimbait for pike and bass
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Storm Live Kickin' Shad, una soft swimbait per black bass e luccio, segmentata con una azione vivace e naturale. Potenziata con inserti holografici dentro al corpo esterno in PVC.  Dotata di ancorette VMC 


With a variety of sizes and realistic color patterns this lure can target any species. Soft body, lipless segmented kicking tail action, slow sinking and 3-D holographic eye make this lure looks like a real shad. Includes holographic inserts for added attraction, soft PVC material with reinforced mesh for added strength and VMC® black nickel hooks. This is a lure you can be confident will catch fish.

  • Soft body, lipless swim shad
  • Life-like segmented kicking tail action
  • Slow sinking
  • Durable soft body with holographic insert and WildEye®
  • Body is reinforced with mesh and hard inner core
  • Premium VMC® hooks

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