Z-Man Flip'N Cast Jig Project Z

jig per black bass da pitching e flipping
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Il jig per la pesca del black bass Z-Man Flip'N Cast Jig Project Z è un jig con un gonnellino elastico con un profilo particolare per produrre vibrazioni molto diverse rispetto ai comuni skirt in silicone. Con una guardia molto solida, amo resistente e testa che entra facilmente nella cover.

The Z Man Flip-N-Cast bassfishing Jig combines a unique head shape with Z Man’s innovative Z-Tex textured skirting to absolutely terrorize bass. Covered with ridges all along the head and the skirting, the Z Man Flip-N-Cast lure moves plenty of water and has a very noticeable presence, even in darker, sub-vegetation environments and shady dock undersides. Built to skip with accuracy and from a distance, the Z Man Flip-N-Cast Jig features a rounded bottom that helps it skim along the surface and into the strike zone with ease. Additionally, the head shape and premium weedguard also allow the Z Man Flip-N-Cast Jig to slide in-and-out of cover with minimal hang-ups. Armed with a razor-sharp Mustad Ultra-Point hook.

California Craw


Black Blue


Green Pumpkin Craw

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