Prodotti in vetrina

Ardent Apex Elite casting reel

elite leve baitcasting reel
€159,99 €105,99

Ardent Pro Rod Over Grip

cover per canne da casting e casting

Berkley Pro Cart fishing station

Suggested product for trout area.

Castaic Swimmin Cisco Swimbait

top performance pike fishing swimbait
€30,99 €21,99

Dam Effzett Pike Seducer

Soft Swimbait per luccio di Dam
€10,49 €7,49

Elitelure CFS Spinnerbait JG Signature

limited edition - JG special color

Falcon Bucoo SR Spinning Rods

New Falcon Bucoo SR rods

Hunthouse Javelin Needle lure

needle lure with frenetic wtd action

Lucky Craft Air Pellet

hardbait imitazione di pellet

Lucky Craft Egi Tribe

totanare in ABS MADE IN JAPAN

Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer 110 SP

suspending jerkbait with a quick tail action

Musky Armor Krisco Jr.

Crankbait snodato per luccio, siluro, grandi predatori
€20,99 €18,59

neoSTYLE NST Bottom Killer

spoon da trout area

Reaction Strike Mullet Jr soft swimbait

Soft swim ibrida tra shad e jerkbait

T-Fishing Extreme Nobu jerkbait

jerk da mare squadrato con spigoli: super flashing!
€11,99 €6,99

Yarie X GAME T-Fresh Evo

Colorazioni speciali ITALIA x GAME BY Laboratorio