Golden Mean GM Pliers T-3

Pinze da pesca per lurefishing
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Golden Mean GM Pliers model Type 3, pinze a "becco lungo" da pesca, specifiche per lurefishing in freshwater e saltwater. Colore molto particolare. Ideali per molteplici usi, dall'aprire gli split ring, al tagliare ami, etc. Dotate di custodia con pratico moschettone elastico.

The GM Plier are of the new pliers built in hybrid material. The gripper body is stainless steel, while the part dedicated to the vise was adopted duralumin, this is a plier multifunctional really beautiful and well constructed. Can be used as a cutter, for cutting PE and other high strength materials in that it is been equipped with a material (HHS) highly hard and sharp. The handgrip is equipped with ergonomic grip in anodized colors with anti-oxidation, with endowment of elastic cord and carabiner for convenient transport and sheath waterproof in synthetic material with belt loop in the back.

Lunghezza: 17 cm

Peso: 183 g

Golden Mean GM Pliers T-3

  • Tipologia Pinze per split ring
  • Test
  • Colore Anodized
  • Materiale Stainless steel
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