Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178F

Original Lucky Craft swimbait for bass fishing
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lucky craft real ayu swimbait


La Real Ayu della della Lucky Craft è una S-STROKE action swimbait, con azione semi suspending, che la rende perfetta per attirare i grossi bass più sospettosi. Se jerkata compie un movimento a 180° di fronte al muso del bass. Eccezionale esca per tutti i predatori, nata per bass fishing, è ottima anche per il luccio. Montata con ancorette VMC affilate chimicamente ed ami dressati.

Made in Japan

The Real AYU has the ability to attract Bass in late spring swimming in the shallow range with its “rise up action” (slow floating action). Even with Bass that just won’t bite, with this lure they can’t resist! First, it makes a beautiful “S” slide swimming action to attract the Bass. Secondly, it rotates 180 degrees with only one jerk to face the Bass. Finally with its exquisite floating speed, it would aggravate the Bass to come bite. This lure includes double feather hooks which gets twice the target! Wherever the Bass comes from it would capture it precisely.

  • Length: 7" (178mm)
  • Weight: 2-1/16oz (58.5g)
  • Class: Slow Floating
  • Belly: #1
  • Tail: #2
  • Max Diving Depth: 1ft (0.3m)


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