Quantum The Thing

Hybrid pike lure
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Esca da luccio ibrida minnow + grub, il Quantum The Thing è stata concepita per produrre una azione combinata rolling+wobbling. Affonda velocemente fino a 3 metri, ed è indicata sia per recuperi lenti, che veloci, producendo sempre una azione convincente, molto attrattiva per i lucci per la coda in gomma e per la solida paletta frontale. L'esca viene fornita di una coda di ricambio aggiuntiva. Lunghezza 20 cm peso 68 gr.


The latest creation from our own development team. The wobbler with insertable twister tail impresses with its fantastic swimming behaviour and incredible ease of use, which is primarily aimed at pike anglers. The lure can be retrieved with no variation after casting. The diving blade allows it to quickly sink to a depth of 2-3 metres, where it displays its enticing action that has already produced some fantastic catches in testing. If the pike are a little prudish, the action of the lure can be enhanced by halting the retrieve a couple of times or with a few light jolts of the rod without the wobbler twisting onto its side or turning over. The lure comes with a spare twister tail that can be exchanged quickly and easily on the water thanks to an intelligent system, just in case one becomes unusable after too many pike attacks. To create an abundance of bites and still withstand the sharp teeth of pike, all designs are finished with UV-active and shock-proof lacquer.



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