Strike King Bottom Dweller Spinnerbait

spinnerbait di grande dimensione
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Spinnerbait massiccio di dimensioni generose, molto robusto. Nato per bass, e disegnato da Kevin Van Dam, è una ottima scelta anche perl a pesca al luccio.

The Strike King Bottom Dweller spinnerbait has been designed with deep water in mind. With its unique head design the Bottom Dweller has been designed not to roll when it comes in contact with the bottom. The Bottom Dweller features the all new Raz-R-Blade High RPM Blade. The Raz-R-Blade is a thin cut willow leaf blade that was designed to increase the revolutions of the blade, which increases the flash. For the Bottom Dweller, the Raz-R-Blades help keep the bait deep all the while increasing the flash and allowing the bait to stay in the strike zone longer. The Raz-R-Blade is the ultimate blade for deep water applications. The Burner also comes available in 6 fish catching colors, including the new and very popular Sexy Shad. The Bottom Dweller comes complete with the new perfect skirt and premium components. Tie one on today and get after the big ones that live down deep.






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