DAM Effzett Pike Rattlin' Spinner

uno dei più innovativi spinner da luccio e siluro
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DAM Effzett Pike Rattlin' Spinner  un cucchiaino rotante da luccio con doppia pala, che ha tre differenti attrattive. Vibrazioni dovute alle palette, trailer, cuscinetti a sfere che emettono un suono di rattling molto forte. Consigliato anche per lo spinning al siluro.

The EFFZETT Pike Rattlin’ Spinner is the ultimate spinner for catching big pike fishing at the moment. The reason for this is that the lure emits 3 different attractions at the same time. With 7 available patterns, all of which consist of mixed coloured reflective material, the visual element of attraction is enormous. But it’s not just the visual aspect that makes this spinner such an effective pike magnet. The twin Colorado blades transmit irresistible pressure waves throughout the various depths for maximum attraction which pike simply can not resist.
But what really makes this spinner so different to all other spinners in today’s market is the unique body design which features a number of steel ball-bearings that generate a rattling sound; the difference between a good day and a awesome day!



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