Owner Twistlock 5167W-704

Ami da swimbait
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Owner Twistlock 5167W-704 swimbait hook. Ami con peso sulla curva e lure keeper frontale, specifici per shad, soft swimbait, soft jerkbaits e grossi grub. Affilati chimicamente, robusti e con punta molto penetrante. Ideali per l'utilizzo in acqua dolce e per la pesca a spinning in mare.

Ideal hook for fishing Swimming jerkbaits, swimbaits, and other soft plastics. The Owner Weighted TwistLock Light Hook has the weight positioned low on the shank to provide a "keel" effect so that baits rigged weedless-style will swim naturally  Owner's unique Centering-Pin Spring (CPS) allows baits to be "permanently" secured by inserting the center pin and screwing the TwistLock coil spring into the nose of the bait. Also featuring Owner's Super Needle Point construction, X-Strong forging and a 30-degree eye-bend with an open gap, the Owner Weighted TwistLock Light Hook serves up quality hooksets, excellent rigging and maximum fish penetration.

  • Colore Black Chrome
  • Peso 3/32 oz
  • Taglia # 4/0
  • Pcs 3
  • Materiale Piombo
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