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Immagine di Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR
Dirty Roach
Immagine di Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR
Ayu Chrome
Immagine di Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR
Immagine di Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR


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8.3 cm 10 gr Suspending
9.5 cm 15 gr Suspending

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Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR

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Savage Gear Gravity Twitch MR. jerk Savage Gear ideale per persico, luccio, trota, aspio e bass. minnow dotato di sistema di scorrimento pesi magnetico per lanci extra-lunghi e rattling interno.

GRAVITY TWITCH MR The action on this lure is like nothing else out there. On a steady retrieve it wobbles and kicks in the most enticing manner and runs straight even in strong current. When you twitch it, the lure flits from side to side in an irregular way, flawlessly imitating a small prey fish. It also suspends perfectly on longer spin-stops and many of the strikes come on this pause. This action, combined with the incredible Photo Print details and a built-in tubular rattle chamber, ensure that predator fish strike it hard with no hesitation. It’s also a dream to cast thanks to its magnetic long-cast system and sliding iron core – you’ll be hitting precise spots at distance with ease. A great lure for perch, pike, trout, asp, bass and salmon. 



• Super Detagliato

• Darting and kicking action

• Magnetic Long cast system

• Built in rattle

• SGY 1X BN trebles 6.7cm #8, 8.3cm #6 9.5cm #4




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Imperial Metric
8.3 cm      10 gr      Suspending 9.5 cm      15 gr      Suspending


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