Savage Gear Texas & Carolina Kit Combo spinning

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Savage Gear Texas & Carolina Kit Combo spinning
Contenuto del pack:
- SG4 2500 FD
- SG4 T&C Finezze Specialist
- Reaction Crayfish 7.3 cm (5 pezzi)
- Reaction Crayfish 9.1 cm (5 pezzi)
- Savage Gear Rib Worm Kit assortiti (60 pezzi)
- Texas e Carolina rigging Kit assortiti (100 pezzi)
- Soft Fluorocarvon 50 m - 0.22 mm
Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit#2 - Texas & Carolina Kit is a fishing kit with rod, reel, fluorocarbon, worms, crayfish and rig kit. Get ready to fish with Texas & Carolina from the popular YouTube series Perch Academy!
No, we’re not making a list of top ten places to visit in the United States – this is a curation of high-quality Savage Gear tackle specially designed to put more perch in your net. Texas and Carolina style fishing were first used in the bass fishing game Stateside, but they have since evolved the way that perch anglers fish with amazing results, as you can see in episode one of the Savage Gear Perch Academy on YouTube. This Signature Kit has been carefully curated to give you everything you need to fish these super-effective styles – from rod and reel, through to lures and terminal tackle – just add an angler, and pretty soon that angler will be catching more perch than they can count!
  • Reaction Crayfish - 7,3 cm/4 g/5 pcs
  • Reaction Crayfish - 9.1 cm / 7.5 g / 5 pcs
  • Rib Worm Kit - 60 pcs
  • T & C Rigging Kit - 100 pcs
  • SG4 2500 FD 8+1BB - incl. graph spare spool
  • SG4 T/C Finezze Specialist 7' / 2.13m / F / 7-21g / ML / 2 sec
  • Soft Fluorocarbon - 50m / 0.22mm / 3.5kg / 7.6lbs / Clear



Imperial Metric
SG4 T/C Finezze Specialist - SG4 2500 FD
Peso244 gr
Lure Weight Max21 gr
Total Length2.13 m
Lure Weight Min7 gr
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SG4 T/C Finezze Specialist - SG4 2500 FD 244 gr 2500 5.2:1 21 gr ML - 2.13 m 7 gr 2
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