Zoom Magnum Ol' Monster Worm

big size for big bass
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Zoom Magnum Ol Monster: vermi in plastica morbida Zoom di grandi dimensioni. Specifico per la ricerca dei big bass. Ottimo usato a Texas o Carolina Rig. Scentato ed aromatizzato. 25 cm di potenza ed effetto visivo + vibrante!

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The Zoom Ol’ Monster, the big worm by which all other big worms are judged, now has an even bigger brother, the Magnum Ol’ Monster, 12 inches of big fish tempting, tail waving appeal. Fish it on a Texas rig, a Carolina rig or even a mag shakey head any place that big fish inhabit and the alluring action of the soft, supple tail will out-produce other worms by a great margin.

  • Size = 12 inches
  • Magnum worm
  • Slender body and big curled tail
  • Salt and scent impregnated

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